GRACE isn’t just a refuge for families in distress; it’s a place where God’s people can help meet the basic needs of those in crisis and grow and serve in the process.

This month Abiding Grace Lutheran congregants rallied together for a day of selfless service, one that blessed our sites by leaving them more beautiful and functional. The team performed various projects, including sorting goods at Donation Station, power washing on-site at GRACE Main, and giving a fresh coat of paint to a few of our administrate offices.

The church could have stopped there, but not without leaving an encouraging note and vase of flowers for each staff member’s desk.

abidinggracefokA few years ago in particular Abiding Grace displayed what it means to meet the material needs of our families. As summer ended and the school year began, our Food Pantry shelves were extremely sparse. That’s when Abiding Grace Lutheran Church came to the rescue. A team of 20 members canvassed Grapevine neighborhoods for donations one hot Saturday afternoon and gathered 500 toiletries and canned goods!

This year Abiding Grace is also sponsoring two weeks of meals for at-risk children during Feed Our Kids. Thanks Abiding Grace for showing God’s love to GRACE staff and families in our community!