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This past Tuesday, we were astonished to see the continued support of our community!  North Texas Giving Day is an 18hour online giving event created as a way to help spread awareness and support of local nonprofits. This event that usually takes place in the fall provides individuals an easy-to-use platform to donate.  

With the spread of coronavirus, these past couple of months have been challenging for our community and the world. More individuals have found themselves in need of assistance than ever before. This means that nonprofits’ services are on the rise as these organizations are on the frontline assisting those in need.  However, with some normal funding streams, being postponed, canceled, redirected, or closed, these agencies are feeling stressed. GRACE has been no stranger to the challenge of meeting the growing need of the community during this time.  

The decision to hold a special edition of North Texas Giving Day NOW helped provide much needed relief to local nonprofits. Tuesday, May 5, 2020, North Texans logged on and showed out with 89,963 donations being made to 2,572 organizations.  

We here at GRACE are incredibly grateful for the 121 individuals that chose to partner with the work that we are doing. Your decision to invest in the lives of others will never go unnoticed.  Your kindness and generosity are creating ripples that will create lasting change in the lives of so many who are struggling in the community.    

Thank you for your continued support!