The first few dips in temperature last week reminds us that the next two months will be a bitter cold struggle for some. With chilly daytime temps and night times hovering near freezing, the situation becomes critical for those with low income, the elderly and others in need.

Again this year, GRACE is proud to partner with TXU Energy to help with utility bills. TXU Energy Aid assists customers with paying their bills and in many cases, the funds will stop a disconnection of their utility services.

The TXU Energy Aid program was developed to provide temporary utility and energy bill coldpayment assistance to those with limited resources. The program is funded from many sources, including customer donations, and money from the utility company.

Contributions made by TXU Energy and its generous customers, are entrusted to selected social service agencies, such as GRACE, to manage the program and administer the funds to individuals and families. Incredible as it may sound, for over 26 consecutive years, TXU Energy Aid has provided almost $55 million in utility bill payment assistance, and the funds have helped over 340,000 families in need across Texas.

“On average, our clients receive about $35,000 annually from TXU Energy Aid to help with their bills,” said Marcy Melendez, GRACE Client Services Manager. “[TXU] Energy Aid has helped change the lives of thousands of people by giving them the time they need to get back on their feet.”

As indicated, the TXU Energy Aid supports TXU customers. Unfortunately, other energy providers often do not have assistance programs for their customers. Many of these providers offer lower initial rates, or attract low income customers with “no deposit” and “pay as you go” plans.

“GRACE is committed to provide relief for these families,” said Marcy. “Oftentimes we rely on general operating funds to cover the cost of utility bills.” The expense for this service can easily double what is distributed by TXU Energy Aid for their customers.

If you would like to help others in the community weather the cold temperatures this winter, please contact GRACE at 817-305-4654, or go online at GRACE ENERGY AID to make a one-time contribution or a recurring pledge.