The Bay View Club embraces a rich history as oldest culture club in Grapevine. The women’s literary club has continually met in member’s homes since its founding in 1908. The club has also remained invitation-only, and is limited to 24 decedents of early Tarrant County residents.

These women may come together to honor an important legacy, but they are just as committed to making the future brighter for families living in the cities they love.

Last month the ladies took a collection to purchase a defibrillator for the Community Clinic, which can deliver life-saving treatment to a patient in the midst of a cardiac arrest.

The prestigious club has embarked on many philanthropic endeavors for over a century. During World War I, meetings were suspended to work for the Red Cross making hospital garments.

During the Second World War, the women collected nylon hose to aid the war effort. The group has also granted scholarships to local students and projects to beautify Grapevine, including the ornate iron arch that still stands at the Historic Grapevine Cemetery.

As the only Community Clinic in the immediate area, GRACE is committed to providing holistic, preventative care that helps families overcome financial and physical hardship.

Thanks to partners like the Bay View Club, GRACE’s dream to provide specialized care is realized, including professional services from endocrinologists, audiologists, optometrists and other individualized care.

As GRACE Board member, club member and City Councilwoman Duff O’Dell remarked during the meeting, a gift for the heart couldn’t be more aptly given on behalf of the women who have been steadfast friends and mentors to so many in the community.

On behalf of the 800 patients who call GRACE Community Clinic their medical home, thank you for giving from the heart.