It’s difficult to quantify the impact you have made with families in our community, and we hope this gives you a glimpse into the ways your support builds stronger, healthier families.

These statistics were generated from every working weekday GRACE is operational. Each number represents a mother, father, daughter or son who was impacted in some way because you cared for them.

On any given day at GRACE, your support helps us meet the following daily needs:

  • Nearly 6 families or 19 family members come through GRACE doors because they are facing a recent emergency or crisis
  • 20 individuals shop at the Food Pantry
  • 14 people will receive work boots, interview attire, jackets and back-to-school clothing
  • 236 Total volunteer hours are served by our wonderful community
  • 10 individuals and groups make single donations to the Food Pantry
  • 15 patients visit the Community Clinic
  • 2 immobile seniors are visited and given commodities
  • Groceries are delivered to 4 families
  • Throughout our sites, an average of 99 quantifiable, unique services are provided to clients each day

May God continue to give us provision through His generous people as we show His love to those in facing hardship.

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