Not to brag, but have you seen our new Gala website? The creative geniuses at i5 web works have worked diligently to present the many amenities of the Gala in a compelling and beautiful way on

Get event details about our biggest night of the year, happening Saturday, October 22 at the Irving Convention Center. The website has details how your group or business can partner with GRACE by purchasing tickets or becoming a monetary or in-kind sponsor.

You’ll also get the scoop on our 2016 Gala Chairs, Ashley and Andy Cunningham, as well as this year’s new Gala Emcee, NBC 5’s Bianca Castro. View all your sponsorship options on a convenient grid to discover the best type of exposure to your brand.

Learn about our three fabulous prize packages for this year’s raffle, including a staycation fit for royalty with an impressive YETI package, a diamond necklace and brand new Kubota. The best part about our raffle is that anyone can enter and the winner doesn’t have to attend the Gala to win. Tickets are $50 or a bundle of five for $200.

A special thanks to the team at i5 web works for employing their talents to design a beautiful online stage for the GRACE Gala.

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Raffle Information

Tickets are $50 each or 5 for $200.