When Shane Mara manned the last volunteer shift at the Grapevine Job Fair in April, he never could have planned on a divine appointment that would change the course of one woman’s life in a profound way.

Weeks earlier Shane and his fellow Leadership Grapevine peers took a tour of the GRACE site and learned about GRACE programs, including our Transitional Housing program for predominantly single parent families fleeing domestic abuse or other crises.

Shane was impressed with the types of services that GRACE offered, but like so many things that we come across from week to week, it had admittedly been a vague recall, until he met *Millie.

Shane was conducting mock interviews, and as the day neared an end he found himself lost in conversation with Millie, a job fair prospect who was noticeably articulate and carried a poised demeanor.

Shane saw that she would have no problem getting hired, and dug deeper to find out what her true passion was. For Millie, it was helping others. Her face lit up at the thought of sharing God’s love to help other people overcome some of the recent obstacles she had faced.

Millie really made an impression on Shane, and he invited her to church with him and his wife. Shane could sense that she was carrying a great load, and the more she shared her story over lunch that Sunday afternoon, the more the couple wanted to see what they could offer to empower her.

Shane quickly remembered what he had learned on the GRACE tour about displaced individuals and single parent families fleeing abuse. The next day he contacted Transitional Housing Manager LaDondra Wilson, who by the grace of God had an opening for Millie’s criteria.

The GRACE family met with Millie as she moved into her new home at GRACE, and prayed that her new life would enable her to pursue her passions in a way that would lift her spirit to new heights.

We are so blessed that God placed Shane and his wife in Millie’s path, so GRACE could share in her journey to restore hope to those suffering from abuse. Please continue to pray for all our clients that God continues to give them wisdom and courage as they face the days ahead!

*This client’s name was changed to protect her identity