If interested in participating in the seasonal planting projects below please contact one of the GRACE Garden Coordinators listed below:

Alison Shumaker: alison.shumaker@yahoo.com
Becca Clarke: bclarke@dsit.us (cell) 817-454-0731
Caryn Hutchison: caryn.hutchinson@att.net

Late Fall Planting, Saturday October 8, 9:00 a.m.  Plant cabbage (plants). Turn compost bins, add leaves.  Weed and mulch.

December: Bring bags of leaves to use as compost and mulch.

Every Week, Gathering and Tending Thursdays . Gather ripe produce, do spot weeding. Also, spent produce, leaves and other organic materials must be added to compost piles. Turn compost piles to aerate and water the piles. Spot water crops if needed. Schedule with Becca Clarke, 817-454-0731.

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