The GRACE Family is proud to introduce our new Pantry Manager, Marcus Miranda!

As Pantry Manger he’s in charge of inventory, organization of commodities, coordinating pick-ups, and furthering the overall mission of our Pantry which is to feed as many people as possible with the best quality foods. Overseeing an operation like this is no small job – Marcus has a large number of staff, volunteers, and clients to look after. Luckily, his time serving in the Navy helped him prepare for a job this complicated.

Born and raised in Dallas/Irving, after graduation he signed up for the Navy in part because that is who his father served with.

“I wanted to serve my country and to travel…I was stationed in amazing places like Japan, California, and Washington State,” said Marcus.

His time in Japan was particularly eye opening…

“The courtesy the Japanese have for others had a big impact on me and is probably why I ended up in this position,” Marcus explained.

“They were very welcoming, I would go out and meet new people and they were always polite, curious, and warm. I only judge people by their character and saw that in their culture and that’s something that really resonated with me while I was there.”

After serving 5 years and 3 months in the Navy, Marcus came across the position of Pantry Manager online; he applied, and was hired.

Marcus’ time serving as an Aviation Ordnanceman and as a Repair Parts Petty Officer, helped him learn skills that he utilizes everyday running the pantry.

“I love helping the community and the diverse population of clients that use our services. I love working with our clients and doing anything I can to help them…whether it’s speaking Spanish or even using Google Translate if needed,” he added laughing.

An avid outdoorsman, camping and backpacking are a passion, venturing miles into the wilderness solo to hike and fish. Marcus now lives in Carrollton with his dog Nugget, a Jack Russell mix…who Marcus described as a coward but the most lovable dog ever.

Marcus, we are so excited to have you at GRACE, thank you for your service and all your hard work at the Pantry!