Sometimes simple fellowship over the weekend can be more therapeutic than any program during the week. Transitional Housing clients (both graduated and current participants) came together over a delicious plate of barbecue, provided by members of Compass Christian Church.

The purpose of the event was twofold: to foster trust and build closer relationships within the clients in the program.

It was also to have some fun, of course, and Compass Christian Church made sure it was memorable for the children by bringing a bouncy house with them!

“Each Transitional Housing parent and child has a different journey that brought him or her to GRACE,” notes Transitional Housing Manager, Jamé Scott. “It’s their common determination that we hope will forge lasting friendships that continue to build each other up long after they’ve met their goals.”

Encouraging games were designed with this in mind, including a human knot and other inter-relational games that compelled clients to venture out from their comfort zones and share with others what makes them unique.

The universal power of “breaking bread” (or in this case, dinner rolls) cannot be overstated when it comes to sharing God’s love with His people!

Speaking of sharing God’s love, Compass Christian Church has gone above and beyond lately. Last month Tonia Casper and other members of her Compass Church small group prepared a Caesar salad, garlic bread, spaghetti, for the single mothers over Mother’s Day weekend.

Moreover, the group provided babysitting, so moms could give their undivided attention to the homemade chocolate cake made in their honor, followed by chocolate dipped strawberries!

Want to be a part of changing the lives of Transitional Housing clients?

Here’s one way to help

Adopting a Transitional Housing home is ideal for a group, and might be as simple as providing toiletries and ‘welcome kits’, or as invested as rejuvenating the new home. For inspiration, visit Donors Show Hospitality to Transitional Housing Clients and Community Helps Families Rebuild.

Volunteer Opportunities arise on an as-needed basis

Contact Volunteer Manager Lara Hohweiler for ideas and resources.