Each month, the GRACE staff meets to share a time of fellowship and catch up with everything that is going on around the agency. One of the last items on each month's agenda is a time to share "kudos"... a verbal "pat on the back" for a job well done or a "thank you" for going above and beyond the call of duty. We're very proud of the people who work within these walls and have decided to share with everyone the comments made each month. We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

Shirley Roberts, Gerry Flores, Jamé Scott & Brittany Griggs - for providing a wonderful breakfast at our monthly staff meeting

Rusty Thigpen and Maryann Waddell - for a great presentation of their programs to the Board of Directors

GRACE Staff - for great hospitality with volunteers and groups

GRACEful Buys Staff - for providing great help with other sites and allowing use of their truck when others needed it

Lara Hohweiler and Heather Ortner - providing great help to a coworker

Lara Hohweiler - for GRACE being awarded the "Best Place to Volunteer" and all the help provided with VITA Training/Volunteers

Jamé Scott - for doing a great job with Transitional Housing and providing great training and patience with a coworker

David Mowers - for great Facebook Live posts

Jana McGlone - for helping provide needed clothing for our Friends & Family clients

Melissa Simpkins - for helping a coworker with benefits information

Programs Staff - for great work during the Director's time away from the office

Shonda Schaefer - for providing great help to a family in need

Rusty Thigpen - for being so helpful at all the sites

Brittany Griggs - for great work catching on so fast as a new employee and being so helpful to her manager

Amy Jensen & Shonda Schaefer - for listening to a coworker practice for a presentation

Stacy Pacholick - for being a very supportive supervisor

Lara Hohweiler - for great work coordinating volunteer groups

Carita Weaver (Board Member) - for helping by volunteering at Donation Station

Teresa, Jake & Madison Williamson, Melissa Simpkins, David Mower, Shonda Schaefer - for volunteering at Donation Station over New Year's

David Mowers - for helping cover for a coworker when on vacation and doing great with Facebook Live posts

Frankie Moore - doing a great job with store promotion and helping with volunteer needs

Donation Station Team - great work with volunteer groups

Lori Stevens - for working well with Volunteer Manager on volunteer needs

Terri Haun and GRACEful Buys Staff - helping coworker learn/train on new job

Amy Jensen - great work with all the extra work over the holidays

Client Services Team - for helping a coworker when needed and providing breakfast to teammates

Dyan Anderson - for helping out on her day off

Keith Hills - for providing great help everyday

Rusty Thigpen and Keith HIlls and the GRACEful Buys Team - for letting another departments use their trucks

Mark Woolverton - great work on the newsletter during a coworker's absence

Frank Fusselman - for help with Eagle Scout project

Rusty Thigpen - lending a coat to a coworker

Jamé Scott, Brittany Griggs, Chelsea Rose & Development Team - doing a great job with Transitional Housing Graduation

Shonda Schaefer and the GRACE Board of Directors - wonderful gift bags for Transitional Housing Graduation and for all the food and support during the holiday season

Brittany Griggs - for being a great coworker and doing a great job as new employee

Teresa Williamson - for being a great help all the time

Shirley & Gerald Roberts - for helping a coworker during a time of need

Melissa Simpkins - providing HR needs

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