Each month, the GRACE staff meets to share a time of fellowship and catch up with everything that is going on around the agency. One of the last items on each month's agenda is a time to share "kudos"... a verbal "pat on the back" for a job well done or a "thank you" for going above and beyond the call of duty. We're very proud of the people who work within thesewalls and have decided to share with everyone the comments made each month. We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

August Kudos

Rusty Thigpen - for always helping everyone with all requests, always being timely and always providing service with a smile.
Lori Stevens - for doing a great job keeping Feed Our Kids rolling through the summer and solving problems right when they occur
Diane Yamane - for gentle and kind reminders to keep coworkers on track and having great patience with us all, and for always being helpful with check requests and invoices
Sarah Armand - for being so efficient, asking great questions, owning the database and providing service with a smile
Linda Collins - for always being very helpful and doing it with a smile, for continued help with phone and computer issues, and for doing a great job with mobile bidding
Kathy Mize & Joe Alvidrez - for helping keep air conditioners at their sites clean and in great shape
Ryan Schon - for being "Superman" and helping a coworker when needed
Marcela Melendez - for covering for a coworker in need
Shirley Roberts - for helping a coworker with an injury
Vicki Yarnell & Stacy Pacholick - for helping out with move-ins at Transitional Housing
Rusty Thipen & Jack Yarnell - for helping all coworkers with all of our many requests
Melissa Simpkins - for a great job with the staff retreat and employee climate survey
Mark Woolverton - for coming to the office on a Saturday to help oversee a volunteer project
Stacy Pacholick, Marcela Melendez, and the Back-To-School staff - for a great job with the Back-To-School fair and festivities
Melissa Simpkins & Diane Yamane - for answering coworkers questions with a smile
Rusty Thigpen & Linda Collins - for all their help with one of the site's air conditioners
GRACEful Buys Staff - for a great month of sales in July and for great teamwork
Lara Sundell - for a great job on all the volunteer help provided through the agency and for working well with Back To School volunteers
Linda Collins & Diane Yamane - for doing extra check runs when needed
Client Services Staff - for doing a great job with all GRACE clients and providing extra help when needed

September Kudos
David Mowers - for jumping right in, learning the Point of Sale system so well and being helpful with it, and coming to the rescue of his staff
Heather Ortner - for jumping right in and doing a great job with ads and a recent event invitation and a great job on newsletter articles
Maryann Waddell - for doing such a great job in her role in the Friends & Family program
Tomas Jones - for helping coworkers out by closing their store for them so they could attend an event honoring them
Joe Alvidrez - for being flexible on a customer furniture pickup
Diane Dragan - for helping find furniture for a customer in need
Donation Station Staff - for a great job on their staff meeting presentation, great work during the heat this summer, and receiving nice compliments from volunteers on being so nice
Jack Yarnell & Rusty Thigpen - providing boxes to cowrkers who needed them
Jennifer Jayroe - for helping pick up school supplies
Marcela Melendez & Ryan Schon - for helping with the inventory of mattresses
Sue Bringham - for taking over the register and staying late to help her coworkers out
Rusty Thigpen - for helping with the trees at a GRACE location and for doing a great job hiring a new cleaning crew
Janice Lahde & Shirley Roberts - for helping a client at the clinic who had sustained an injury
Marcela Melendez - for helping cover for a coworker who was in need
Dina Pesina - for serving 733 individuals with clothing, and for going above and beyond for clients
GRACEful Buys Staff and Joe Alvidrez - for help with mattresses for clients
Janice Lahde - for being a constant, strong force at the Clinic
Shirley Roberts - for jumping right in and working so hard, and for being very helpful to a clinic student intern
Melissa Simpkins - for reviewing all of the staff performance reviews

For me, the GRACE mission started the summer that I served with Vacation Bible School at my church. All of the children did a canned food drive, and that morning a lady and her child happened to walk in seeking assistance from my church. That morning, I realized how desperate needy people in my community were...
and I felt very drawn to try to help.
            - Tricia Wood, Founder

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