Each month, the GRACE staff meets to share a time of fellowship and catch up with everything that is going on around the agency. One of the last items on each month's agenda is a time to share "kudos"... a verbal "pat on the back" for a job well done or a "thank you" for going above and beyond the call of duty. We're very proud of the people who work within these walls and have decided to share with everyone the comments made each month. We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

Manon Kelly – for covering for a coworker while out on vacation.

Debbie Haley – for helping staff members sharpen their computer skills; for being so helpful to everyone and answering questions thoroughly and for helping a coworker who needed to be out of the office.

Shonda Schaefer – for suggesting modeling of Style & GRACE clothing at a recent community event in order to promote the store.

Jaqueline Hester – for taking pictures of resale items to get more exposure outside of GRACE and for all her hard work.

Brent Sain & James Marshall – for helping deliver a desk to a coworker at one of our sites.

Diane Yamane – for bringing needed items to another site when needed and for helping a coworker with rides to work.

Stacy Pacholick – for helping ensure some volunteer applications were completed correctly.

Tami Mainey – for advocating so well for her clients.

Sarah Armand – for thorough, dedicated, consistent and timely work and being so pleasant to work with.

Melissa Simpkins – for answering questions from a coworker who was out of the office.

Marcela Melendez – for arranging coverage for a coworker who needed to be out of the office.

Bea Moralez – for covering for a coworker who needed to be out of the office.

GRACEful Buys Staff – for providing great customer service, being very helpful with GRACE Programs and for great work with our volunteers.

Dina Lovos & Janice Lahde – for keeping the Clinic running smoothly while short-staffed.

Linda Collins – for helping answer budgeting questions.

Maryann Waddell – for being so dedicated to the GRACE Mission and our clients’ best interests.

Margie Pesina – for always smiling and being so helpful.

Mark Woolverton – for fantastic prep work for Drive into the Night and for being a stellar boss.

Rusty Thigpen – for setting up air purifying machines in the Development Office.

All GRACE Staff, Board Members and Volunteers who helped with the GRACE Community Park Build and dedication – THANK YOU!

And a Thank You to all staff who helped volunteer at our Drive into the Night golf tournament!!

For me, the GRACE mission started the summer that I served with Vacation Bible School at my church. All of the children did a canned food drive, and that morning a lady and her child happened to walk in seeking assistance from my church. That morning, I realized how desperate needy people in my community were...
and I felt very drawn to try to help.
            - Tricia Wood, Founder

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